How and when did your fetish begin?

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Gr8 guy

Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Gr8 guy »

Bizarrely I was recently introduced to the raincoat fetish community on tinder. A girl whom I had been chatting to for sometime happened to mention her love of raincoats and their variety. Upon further questioning she told me she preferred them to lingerie. After first think her slightly weird, I'm somehow coming round to the idea. I hope that she will soon meet me for our first date on a rainy day and we can finally see where it goes.
gosh I hope she sees this

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by MrDoudy »

As a family we were short of money but school regulations required that I wear a quite expensive belted "gabardine" raincoat to and from school. To conserve my gabardine, from 11 to the time I left school, age 18, my mother kept me in plastic macs as my regular rainwear on all occasions except travel to and from school. This was quite usual in those days (the 1950s) so I didn't mind, in fact enjoyed many things about it; the smell, the sound of the rain beating down on the plastic, and that I stayed dry underneath, even in the heaviest downpour which would soak through my school gabardine. Strictly brought up, erotic thoughts about macs were late to come and it was not until my 20s that I discovered these, and also shiny black PVC macs. From my early 30s such macs became harder to find and it wasn't until retirement that I rediscovered them, initially in charity shops, and started wearing them again.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by evad »

My love of raincoats started at a Halloween party when I was 5. (1957). I was dressed in a green yellow and white one piece clown suit... I remember my mother trying to put lipstick on me, but I refused. As I walked down the street to the party with my sister (dressed as a princess, me thinks) I remember my hands swishing against my legs and the sounds of the crinkling vinyl as I walked. I remember thinking that it felt rather nice!
At the party it got really hot, so I took it off, ripping it as I did. I think it got thrown away.

It was all over after that: nothing vinyl was safe from me- shower caps and curtains, getting behind the girl in line at school with the vinyl raincoat on, pool toys, and later on, the discovery of plastic baby pants when I was 11.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by kulshan »

The fifties were a great time for a world of smooth plastic; everything from shower curtains to aprons to raincoats to plastic pants in infants. For me it was also the rustling and crackling of a plastic raincoat on a cold day going to school when I was about seven years old. I remember specifically liking the "stiff plastic". I suspect that when I was still in diapers, that I must have been dressed in pairs of noisy plastic pants. I sure enjoy 'em today. We used to have a thick smooth plastic shower curtain that I liked to wrap in occasionally. Of course it took several years to teen age years. Then all it took was the purchase of a frosty clear rain jacket to put everything together. In cold weather it was especially noisy, and that was the main attraction and is today.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by rubberjj »

Definitely from growing up in the 1950s under the strict rule of my German Nanny. The hospital red/brown rubber was still the common waterproof before plastic took over. I was firmly bonded to this rubber from a young age, with its glossy shine and strong pungent odour. My Nanny wore many red rubber aprons, as well as SBR long capes and mackintoshes which hung plainly on show in the hallway. My bed had a red rubber undersheet and I well remember being made to wear towel nappies under heavy and tightly elasticated red rubber knee bloomers. (I think my Nanny was one of those that often saved on laundry by putting me to bed in rubbers with no nappy and directly on the rubber sheet.) I had to wear these every night, and often during the day too 'just in case'. Similar hooded rubber overalls were worn, and I also recall the tight leather harness and reins my Nanny kept me strapped into over the rubbers. Aged seven I was prepared for boys boarding school with Nanny's German doctor visiting me for my circumcision. My resulting wetting meaning a nappy and rubbers again.

Other rubber experiences reinforced my fetish including Summer holiday visits to my widowed Aunt and her teenaged daughter. More rubber bedsheets, rubber aprons and mackintoshes. Also those red rubber bibbed dungarees that were always worn to the beach. They had tight elastic at the upper thighs and the sand would often get inside. A long and hot Summer day in these rubbers was never forgotten, and they were kept on until bedtime.

Many more experiences approaching puberty at boys boarding school.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by niniqueciré »

I always liked waxes, when I was young, I looked at the girls who wore them
I had a professor woman, who wore a pretty orange wax,
But I was able to go out with a woman who had one

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by mspakamac »

My fetish began around 1959 when I realised just how much I loved to wrap myself up in the rubber bed-sheet I slept on and how much I loved to wear the rubber mackintosh that I had. I wanted to wear it everywhere and spend as long as possible in it. I was too young to understand.

It wouldn't be until around 1966 when, on a very wet caravan holiday, my mother made me wear her yellow plastic mac to go out in with the matching hood tied on. I'd always wanted to wear one when I saw mature ladies and men in them but from that point one, I was hooked. A deep love of plastic macs progressed to ladies nylon macs and I've been wearing them ever since.
I adore my foldaway plastic macs and nylon macs

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by PVCBond »

Mine began in the 60s when I was about 8 and we had new carpet fitted and the plastic/polythene tube that the carpet had arrived in was rubbish but I climbed inside the tube and loved the sensation instantly! The sound also and of course the smell. It never left me and in the 80s I met a girl who was wearing a pvc mac and fell for her! Thankfully she liked me too! We visited many fetish clubs but once we returned home she was ready to take it all off but for me I wanted to wear it all the time.
We split after a few years and she left most of her pvc/latex clothing and bed sheets. Then I began to wear more and more and slept in it too!

It has never ceased!

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Lindaf »

My mother had a pink see thru mac and I always wanted to try it on. I was 12 at the time and almost the same height as my mum. I always put the mac on when she was out. It felt amazing this soft plastic and the aroma from it. This day I took all my clothes off and tried it on. The feeling was electric. The plastic rubbing my nipples and getting them hard and also getting wet in my pussy. I masturbated through the plastic and even managed to push the plastic material into my pussy. Ever since I have loved the smell and feel of plastic macs. Hubby has now got one too so we can have real sweaty sex while wearing them. They are soooooo versatile

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Shinyladylvr »

I have photos of me when I was 3 wearing an adults shiny coat. The material is unknown and I am not sure if it was my mother or fathers coat. By the time I am 10 I am very aware and fascinated by girls and women wearing shiny macs, I am very familiar with Woolworths being a source of macs and also small clothing stores. By the time I am 14 I am much more of an expert on PVC macs given the arousal that a sighting can evoke. Unfortunately it is several years before I have my first girlfriend and to my surprise one day we are out shopping down a main street when she comments on a green short PVC Mac on display in the window. I can’t recall what she asked me, I just know I was speechless. She purchased the Mac and wore it often, not just for the rain but as a fashion item. My fetish for PVC was sealed for life. The memory of the sight and sound of that gleaming green coat are burned into my remaining brain cells. Many other ladies have followed my first girlfriend and shiny macs have been worn and rejected by several of them. Currently my wife is more than happy to wear shiny outfits so I live in bliss.

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