How and when did your fetish begin?

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Friesennerzboy » February 24th, 2019, 9:38 pm

My Fetish begun when i was a little Baby
I had many pacifier(hope that is the right word) like 10 of them and i could never fall asleep without all 10 of them. They werde Made of rubber and with 3 years i had 3 raincoats i never wanted to put them off. I also wore them naked :) Maybe this is Strange for you But with 6 years i secretly pissed in the pockets of my rubber raincoats then After my Parents threw all my raincoats away i never Got an New one. With 12 years i started to wank when i was alone at home and searched pictures from wellies and raincoats. With 14 my Passion grew further that i cummed on the wellies of my little sister (cause i didnt had some for myself) and thats my Story how i Got the Fetish.

PS: Now i am an 16 year old German Boy Who would like to have own rainwear to have fun with it. But because some problems in the Family i cant have rainwear until i have my own Apartment.😓

and here is an Photo of me wearing my raincoat (image link deleted)

Sorry, we do not allow images of underage children wearing rainwear on this page, no matter how 'innocent' the photo may be because this is a adult fetish forum. Thanks for understanding. Mase

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