How and when did your fetish begin?

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How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Raincoat1989 »

Exactly what the topic says.

Mine started when my sister had a green Misty Harbor raincoat, I used to chase my sisters girl friends around trying to get them to wear it. I wore it every chance I got. It was eventually given away. I brought home a yellow pvc rainsuit, but it didn't last long. The fetish returned when I received a black pvc raincoat. Now I take it with me everywhere (due to the unpredictable weather where I live). Now I'm hoping to meet a college girl who has a shiny raincoat.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by sissy_sofi »

I was 13 and we have a yellow and blue reversible vinyl raincoat. I would smell it and put it on and cum while wearing it almost everyday when I got home from school. I would wear oilskins as well from time to time. I also enjoyed the yellow latex, navy blue nylon raincoats as well and i did some rebreathing, which made me cum so fast.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by rukkacrazy »

My sister had a long rukka raincoat. Shiny blue. I borrowed her raincoat ALOT. It was too big for me but it only made it like it more. like a tent for me haha.

I then got my own blue rukka raincoat and from there I was obsessed with shiny long raincoats.

I was not even in my teens yet.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by raincoatboy »

I believe I was about 7. I had this blanket with silk around the edges. I remember trying to wrap the silk around my penis. At that age I had no idea what I was doing.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by cragsta2012 »

I think my interests in PVC started back in my early childhood with inflatable toys, but I really got into rainwear when I was fourteen or so. My farther brough home from work this heavy, long black rubber raincoat which he was given, but hated wearing, so it ended up being hung under the stairs and never got used.
It was far too big for me, but I used to love putting it on and buttoning it up as often as I could and loved wrapping the excess rubber around myself, or over my head so I could sniff and breath the aroma of rubber.
Then when I started work I was given some orange heavy welded PVC coats and over trousers, but I never wore them for work as they were just far too hot during the summer, so I bought them home and things started from there really.
Sadly I nolonger have any of whats listed here, but I'm always on the look out for something nice, or new to add to my collection of raingear.

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by hoodtight »

When I was about 10 my best friend's father bought a sailing dinghy and some coated nylon sailing waterproofs for him and my friend. One set were pale blue, the other red. I think they were by Henri Lloyd. I coveted those suits, and I remember my friend let me try one on, his I suppose, as his father's would have been much too big. I remember him pulling the hood up and tying the hood cords, but the cord knotted and took a long time to undo. I think that may have been my first erection, and in those more innocent days I didn't really understand the significance, only that it felt fantastic.

Still does, 50 yrs on!

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Satinpants »

It all started for me when I was younger and had a serious irlfriend. I used to play footbll a lot and wen ou shopping with her one Saturday,we gt caught in the rain. She had a brolly, I had my old sweaty(!) rain top from footie in the car. She hated it and we brought 2 PVC raincoats from C&A whilst in the store. Mine black, hers baby blue with white spots.

That evening at home I told her (not knowing at the time where it would lead) that the material felt really smooth and nice when she wore her coat and would she put it on for a cuddle. She said yes if I would do the same and the rest was history. Things were so much more innocent then !

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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Pvc Vinyl Enthusiast »

When I was a young child (around7/8) years old, shiny opaque and shiny glass clear PVC raincoats always caught my attention. Mostly it was the girls who were wearing these glass clear blue or glass clear red PVC raincoats with a thick, chunky drawstring rope at the hem, although I did see a few boys wear them. I loved how these PVC raincoats glistened under light, and how smooth and soft they were to the touch. I loved the noise they made even if you lightly brushed against them when they were hanging on their display racks in the shops. If I happened to see a girl wearing one in public, I would stare in awe. Once puberty arrived, my raincoat fascination morphed into a sexual fetish.

Ian W
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Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by Ian W »

Not sure how old I was but I used to like standing outside in the rain with my coat on feeling protected and safe, so much so I used to go out when it rained, and at some point I had one of those nylon parkas which went shiny with the rain on them. So as I got older my love of shiny wet things developed into a love of pvc, leather and other shiny materials.

Somewhere along the line it changed from me enjoying wearing coats to wanting to see women wearing pvc and rainwear in particular. And I think because of the way it accentuates the female shape the belted mac/trenchcoat in pvc became my absolute favourite.

As I got even older I guess I accepted that I wasn't going to find anyone who would wear it for me, so over the last decade I have started photographing models wearing it.


Re: How and when did your fetish begin?

Post by agent66 »

My fetish began as early as I can remember and I have no idea why. However my story is pretty much exactly the same as Ian W.-by the way your photos are INCREDIBLE!!! Always makes me wonder where these fetishes begin and what influences them. At least they're harmless and safe and (if it feels good, DO IT!!)

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