Too Distracted

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Too Distracted

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Have you eve been so distracted by a rainwear sighting that you totally forgot about what you were supposed to be doing?

I once visited a castle in the summer and as I went round there was a girl in a red shiny nylon jacket - both of which were gorgeous. I was so fixated I cannot remember anything about the day out, not even which castle or what part of the county I was in. I did manage to get some shots of the historic site on my old instamatic camera (uh-oh really showing my age now!) when the 110 film was developed one of the two shots that contained the girl was badly blurred and the other showed her, but at quite a distance away. My most enduring memory of the day had nothing to do with history, but the brief moment I got to stand right next to her and the smell of sun-warmed nylon and perspiration hit me making me quite turned on (the 1970's were a sweaty time in history due to all the man-made fibres) - I was about 10 and girls were a total mystery to me!
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Re: Too Distracted

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An abiding memory I have of the 1970's is being on a train from Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness through dramatically beautiful scenery. The carriage was the old six seater with a corridor. Inside this was one available seat and I sat down next to this attractive young lady who was wearing a Friesenerz type navy blue on the outside and the original real rubber on the inside. This mack had a really powerful odour so beloved of us fets and I rode along in glory along the lochs and glens mesmerised by the wearer and her apparel. Happy days.
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