Isolation Rainwear

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Isolation Rainwear

Post by Raincoat36 »

Good evening all,

I’m currently home alone self-isolating with a range of rainwear at my disposal.

The plan is to lie on the sofa and don multiple layers of rainwear so I’m nice and wrapped up and then line the sofa with the rest of the unworn rainwear.

I have a mixture of Rains (Denmark) jacket, PVC u like raincoats and some cheap plastic rainwear to play with.

Not sure I’ll last too long just watching the tv ;)

Is anyone else in a similar position?

Hope you all are keeping well in this strange world we live in!
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Re: Isolation Rainwear

Post by KlepperGuy »

Hi, I'm not in isolation due to Covid, but have restricted my going out to stay safe. Can't see any point in risking it now after being clear since last March.

Yes, I have a few plastic days since the first lockdown great when the weather was warm but thought it might be a bit chilly now..........BUT NO!
I turned the heating up, donned a clear plastic sauna suit (plastic pants first), then started to add my plastic gear, macks, anoraks and overtrousers.
Multiple layers felt lovely.
The bed or the sofa was covered in plastic shower curtains and sheets, various gear topped it off.
A couple of plastic shower curtains were my sheets and pillow covers.
A few happy and rewarding days have been spent like this and no doubt will be repeated.

My 2 metre square shower curtains came from Ikea a few years back, they did a great range of colors including transparent. Only ones I left out of my shopping basket were the typical patterned ones and those that had writing on. But plain colours went in and all have enhanced my plastic bedding.

Lockdown and isolation are no fun...........but you can create your own pleasurable world when you have to do it.

Stay safe ....have fun and be 'thankful we have out 'special pleasures to fill our days.
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Re: Isolation Rainwear

Post by JellyMan »

I remember the Ikea plastic shower curtains which I saw when out with a friend. I went back soon after to buy and they were all out of stock (maybe everyone on the Purley Way was also into vinyl!) Never saw them in stock ever again!
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