Raingear escape challenge!!

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Raingear escape challenge!!

Post by RileyDylan »

C (the guy who's tied me up the most over the past ten years) and I seem to be settling on December for a possible get-together, depending whether lockdown eases again or is extended without a break (as I think it might be). We've evolved a "challenge" type of dynamic whereby he does his utmost to keep me captive and I do my best to escape.

It's win/win for me because I enjoy both escaping and not escaping, albeit in different ways.

Being a bit of a rope purist, C is lukewarm on the idea of straitjackets (I originally wanted another crack at freeing myself of the somewhat loose heavy transparent vinyl jacket I've only been strapped up in once) - but recalls previously having used a slightly flimsy olive green waterproof cape as part of a "stop the captive escaping" attempt and me managing to wriggle free of the whole shebang in a matter of minutes. He wants a rematch.

Ever the altruist, I've volunteered to bring a selection of gear with the potential to frustrate my own escape. I have a load of heavy black PVC kit from the now-defunct Waterproofs4You and, when I cleared the cupboards a couple of months ago, I decided (as you do) to try it all on at the same time - a bit like an old Jim Stewart story where the biker gets trapped in layers of new motorcycle waterproofs that heat up and start sticking together.

My PVC layers didn't all get stuck together and trap me inside (thankfully/not thankfully) but I did realise the restraint potential of two garments I've neglected up to now. One is a long apron that, fully wrapped around and tied, restricts leg movement quite a bit, even on its own. The other is a long hooded cape that I'd forgotten I asked to be made without arm openings.

So... for an updated version of C's "cape challenge", I'm going to wear the Waterproofs4You "sewer suit" as a base layer. This is a one-piece suit with drawstring hood and rubber boots attached, similar to a drysuit (with horizontal back zip opening) but heavy black PVC rather than rubber. There are no gloves and I'm in two minds whether to wear matching elbow-length PVC mittens from Farmerrain (which I think of as my "pervy oven gloves"); I guess it depends to what extent I want to give myself a fighting chance of escape.

Either way, C is going to tie me up however he wants then the apron will go on, covering my tied legs. The cape will be next, covering my bound torso and arms. He's then free to add any amount of extra roping as he sees fit, in any configuration. I'll then do my best to wriggle free.

One difficulty I anticipate will be finding, reaching and undoing knots when they're behind at least one layer of PVC. Getting wrists free will be pivotal and I may have to rely on loosening them by squirming alone.

Any refinements you'd suggest if you were playing Houdini-frustrater? How would you stop me wriggling free?
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Re: Raingear escape challenge!!

Post by rainwearinme »

If tied-up well then you would not be able to escape, your sweat trying to free yourself, but of course it would feel good trying, then mentally it gets to you to submit you cannot get out of your bondage, , no doubt then your get teased, but of course if you do get to free yourself then either your clever or the person who tied you up was poor, then you ,I guess would take revenge on the other person.
But all in the mind ,body, feeling, materials, all sexy.
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Re: Raingear escape challenge!!

Post by jackstrapped »

My problem is as I struggled I would undoubtedly have a massive orgasm; especially if the rubber hoods are in for breath control. Believe me, I've tried this; and I almost always collapse for a half hour or more as I get primed for the next round.
a rubber or leather straitjacket in combo is my ultimate fantasy!
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