Rain - Netflix

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Rain - Netflix

Post by Raincoatgirl »

Umm...is anyone else watching the German series ‘Rain’ on Netflix? Where there’s rain, there are also...

... zombies! Yes infected zombies, who cute raincoated people happen to be running away from! Enjoy

Also, does anyone else also suspect Greta Thunberg might have a yellow raincoat fetish? Thinking of going as her for Halloween! :P
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Re: Rain - Netflix

Post by JellyMan »

skip ahead to season 2 for some superb plastic suits!
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Re: Rain - Netflix

Post by galondraken »

Rain is on my list of series I have to watch some time...

And from what I have seen so far the suits in season two is worth waiting for :)
Perhaps it would be a good idea to wear one while watching?
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Re: Rain - Netflix

Post by Agu-Fan »

The last season of the Danish ;) serie lacks both rainwear and plastic suits
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