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Re: Aliexpress

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I would personally expect them to last just one photo shoot (2 if you are shall we say not energetic whilst wearing them)
I await with anticipation your photos and comments on these suits!

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Re: Aliexpress

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You may be surprised at the durability of the rainsuits, I've had quite a few of the type shown in the link in your original post and never had any problems with them tearing or splitting, some of the trimming where the seems meet could have been better but the seems themselves have always been fine. As others have said, the only real issue with buying from China is the sizing, the only reason I've sold on so many is because I buy too many and I don't have the room to keep them all!! I'll learn to only buy what I can store one day!
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Re: Aliexpress

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Hello everybody!
I have purchased from aliexpress often: at least 15 translucent/trasparent PVC raincapes since 2014. All those capes are of the bicyle raincape style, in several colours: blue, pink, violet, mint green, bottle green, all with cute white little dots and transparent with a print of lots of light blue raindrops.
The first time I ordered, it was for a blue and a mint green for me, a pink and a violet for my wife and a bottle green and a blue for my son. Afterwards, I ordered two more for me: a violet and a transparent with drops. I have to tell you that these pvc capes (almost like ponchos) are very cute, but also very waterproof and handy. We use them often while riding our bikes under the rain. They are strongly made but the rather thick PVC remains very supple. Sometimes, one of these goes with me to bed on the mornings when my wife is at work... When new, their smell is intoxicating...
They can still be seen at the aliexpress sellers "tubilili tubilili" and "peas in a pod". Those from tubilili are really good and sometimes they are even on sale. I just LOVE wearing such a cape, even under heavy rain: it's soooo comfortable!
I also use mine (mainly the blue one) not only when riding my bike, but also for shopping in town or hiking (you can wear a small rucksack under it). When hiking, I love to do it in late summer, under rainy and somewhat windy conditions. Then I can still wear shorts and the wind beats the PVC against my bare legs... Delightful! I have already got lots of compliments, mostly by ladies, but also a few gents, for my appropriate rainwear. They ask me where I have purchased the wonderful cape. Since then, in our relatives or in our neighbourhood, some people begged me to purchase some for them: three pink ones, four mint green, one violet and one blue. All were delivered without any problems. Among them, only two were thought for gents: two of the mint green.
But please, take care to order rainwear made only of PVC: their EVA fabric is not comfortable at all! Hard, stiff, noisy...
I apologize for my too poor English language, dear rainwear friends, but I absolutely wanted to share my positive experiences with aliexpress with you!

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Re: Aliexpress

Post by rainwearseeker »

what about those long shiny raincoats? are they worth getting and are they stiff?

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Re: Aliexpress

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ali express has a huge range of merchandise and I''ve had decent luck with a couple purchases. As others have said, watch and sizes and order on the bigger side. I personally like the stiffer material and a rain suit like the example shown is actually too supple for my taste. Quality has been fine. Delivery can be longer than one would like.

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Re: Aliexpress

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Good to see that those of you who have actually bought them seem to enjoy them! I'm very excited to receive them albeit a little anxious about sizing now!

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Re: Aliexpress

Post by travis28 »

Phee Jameson wrote:
November 11th, 2019, 10:35 am
I was in magpie mode and saw something shiny and hit the order button
Magpie mode, love it! Fingers crossed the purchase turns out to be a good one :)

Phee Jameson
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Re: Aliexpress

Post by Phee Jameson »

For anybody interested; one of the orders arrived today :)

So postage... it took about 3 weeks from China from he date of delivery. But it was free postage so I didn't mind too much. All in all I only paid around 20 usd including postage (about £15.) which is honestly a bargain for the products in my eyes.

The product is a little more 'lightweight' than I thought they would be, given the photos... but for the price I'm not too upset about that. HOWEVER, I must say that the material itself is wonderful, very glossy in the right lighting, with plastic on both sides. Being lightweight it is also nice and supple and easy to move around in.

I'm not sure about long term durability (I'll report back after some walks and some shoots!) but it looks and feels great.

In my eyes, the only drawback is the smell - it's rather like an air mattress scent!

Sizing (rather surprisingly) was perfect. I ordered my UK size and it fit fine/

I'll be doing a photoshoot in this tomorrow so I will share the results so you guys can see!

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Re: Aliexpress

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I do hope you post some photos here soon Phee.

I have noticed that plastic seems to have many different smells nowadays. I bought some items from PVC-U-LIKE recently and the quality and feel is wonderful, but the material has an oily smell, a bit like car engine oil, and not very nice. I have bought from them in the past, but not for several years, and the previous purchases had the opposite effect of a very sexy smell. It's difficult to describe what is a nice smell, but as you say strong "air bed" is a bit too overpowering, but ok if only mild. Slightly disappointed and hoping the aroma will fade in time.

People often post here for advice about how does something smell or feel before they purchase an item. Maybe we should start a fetish material index.... "The feel is soft and airy with a very smooth surface emitting strawberries and black currents on a warm summer day with a hint of electrical tape"!!! We could set up a course to get a degree in the subject, and have to attend long sessions wrapped in our favourite materials for homework!

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Re: Aliexpress

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When can we enrol ????? !!!!

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