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E F Zero Tornado aka Best Storm Ever

Posted: August 12th, 2019, 12:23 pm
by David
Just am curious as to know if any of our members here enjoy going out in all types of rainy weather even the real strong storms?
We had an ef zero tornadic event the other week here in green bay.
Had gotten home after a long day at work in the factory and had just sat down to eat dinner.
All of a sudden the tv show I wasn't even mildly interested in was interrupted by a news alert that some
severe storms were heading straight for my area.
Well I quickly finished dinner and was craving a cup of coffee well the local shop might still be open i thought to myself so I almost sprinted to my closet and started grabbing gear off it's hangers.
Pair of shiny black pvc rain pants along with a pair of orange pvc rain pants.
My long shiny black pvc trench coat.
A yellow heavy duty pvc raincoat with a zipper that if I do it up fully covers my mouth as well with a little tugging my nose.
My long almost floor length black shiny pvc enclosed cape.
My grey calf length rubber rain boots.
To top off the hoods my blue and yellow pvc sou'wester.
As well as my clear with blue trim pvc bubble umbrella and a pair of aqua blue rubber gloves.
Made my way back into the living room as the winds picked up even more as I began to slide into the black shiny rain pants.
The anchor man was telling everyone about the tornado that was touching down not even five blocks away from me.
My hands were shaking so badly that i had a hard time doing up all the buttons of the raincoat as the pvc squealed and shrieked with my movement.
All i could see was the angry red mass that seemed like it was engulfing the screen as the tornado sirens began to wail.
I could hear voices of the mostly Latino families that lived in my complex shouting and running around in the hallway outside with doors slamming loudly.
Then all I could hear was a loud roaring sound like someone was blasting the windows with a fire hose.
Quickly as I could without damaging it the shiny black pvc raincoat was next over the top of my already worn yellow raincoat.
Doing up all the snaps of the floor length raincoat i noticed that one of the sleeves had a small split in it. ( guess that means I will have to order a replacement soon )
Then floating the cape over the top of me cocooning me in shiny black squealing pvc.
Quickly pulling the hoods of the black raincoat and cape over the top of the already tied tightly yellow raincoat I slipped my feet into the boots pushing the black pvc of the rain pants down into the boots and slipping the orange pvc of the other set over the top and securing the snaps.
Grabbing my sou'wester I placed that on top of my head and tied the drawstrings as tight as they would go wincing a bit as the nylon ties bit into my chin a bit.
Grabbing my umbrella i opened my door and walked out into the hallway and down the stairs to the door leading to the outside.
I could see out the window that there were small tree branches flying by (nothing to big to be life threatening).
I opened the door and the winds ripped it from my hand and it banged loudly against the building.
A blinding wall of white rain was all I could see at the moment.
My heart was racing like mad as the sirens sounded again.
I opened the umbrella with a sharp snap, placed it over the top of me and stepped off the stoop into the storm!
The feeling was almost indescribable.
The winds plastering the rain pants to me tightly.
The umbrella shrieking almost as if in pain as the storm battered it pulling it this way and that!
Walking down the long walkway between buildings I had to stop as the winds grew even stronger.
I heard shouting to my left and looked on as the Latino family that lived across from me in the next building over was trying to make it to there garage. Could see that the water was beginning to seep into the large cracks in the foundation of the building so i am guessing there apartment was flooding.
They were decked out in what looked to be trash bags.
The father in a thick black bag which was shining in the lighting flashes.
The mother in a olive green trash bag which the winds were pulling this way and that as she
wailed and cried.
Least the kids had decent raincoats and sandals(?)
Another woman in a egg shell blue poncho came out carrying her purse running for her car .
Loosing her footing down the long sidewalk her legs flew out to the right of her as her purse went flying and her poncho was blown off off her before hitting the ground.
My poncho was literally shaking on my body from the winds!
This was it I had finally found my nirvana.
My "perfect storm".
My bliss was short lived however as the winds had succeed in snapping my umbrella in two sending the dome flying away into the night.
The sou'wester was flung back off my head as i continued on into the storm marveling as the shiny waterproof rainbows of chaos that were beginning to swirl around me.
This was the most rain wear/makeshift rain wear I had ever seen at one time in real life.
Alas I have to cease for now as i have to head to work but will continue more soon.
To be continued....