Ultimate Fantasy

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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by raincoatboy »

I have had the same dream a few times. The young Pamela Anderson wearing a rubber vampire outfit laying on top of me holding me down and screwing my brains out. When she is finished she takes her fangs to my neck. My ultimate fantasy would be to sleep with a beautiful blonde with her wearing a natural glass clear rainsuit with shiny boots and shiny gloves. Then we would snuggle the rest of the night.

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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by annabell-cagoule »

For me it’s being forced to wear a cagoule and over trousers, pink glass clear plastic pants underneath and then taken to the forest in light rain and having my master/mistress take my sleeves and pull the elastic cuffs down to cover my hands and ties to a tree stump or around a small post to make it look like i am caught on something and can’t get free and then being told to stay and wait, a nylon cagoule clad guy comes along and see’s me stuck, asks if he can help me, i tell him i am stuck and can he help me, i’d be very gratefull, he checks my hands and says yes you are stuck and i might need a hand to help free you, he makes sure i am ok and straightens out my waterproofs so my bum doesn't get wet, his friend comes up and asks if he can help? Also in nylon cagoule.

As they offer to free me one notices my soaking wet over trousers and offers to lend me his to keep me dry until he frees my stuck wrists, as he pulls down my over trousers to my ankles he reveals My plastic panties. He comments thats a bit risky to be wearing in public but congratulations is in order for wearing clothing appropriate to the weather incase my waterproofs leak.

Whilst one is trying to free my hands the other removes my dripping wet over trousers and i gently push towards him, my butt wiggling and higher than my head, the other looks up to say something and notices i am looking at his crotch and his cock starts to swell pushing the wet nylon fabric out, they catch on with what is going on and ask if i would like to have some fun before the release me, i nod in my rain soaked hood draw strings still done up tight.

One takes my rear end and one my front end and while i suck one guy off through his waterproof trousers the other enters me from behind through his over trousers, both use me and come inside their over trousers, cum slipping down inside. They pull mine back up and manage to untie me.

They free me just as my mistress or master comes back who thanks them for helping me and saying i wondered where have you got to?

I smile to my two heros, and walk off with mistress / master.
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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by JellyMan »

This is a repeating dream. Sort of fantasy but if I am stressed at night and need to sleep I start recouting this situation until I fall asleep...

I am a multi-billionaire and post an advert for women to join me on my private island. When they arrive at the boat, before we set off, I tell them that from the moment the arrive on the island they must wear only see-through plastic clothes. They were warned that there would be sex involved. Any that decided not to go are given £10,000 and leave. Those that stay will be given £100,000 at the end of the week (sometimes it is £1M, depending if I am feeling mean!). Each week I invite a new set of ladies. When we arrive I am on a sun lounger being waited on by girls in clear plastic bikinis. I don't recall more than this so I am probably asleep by now.... zzzzzZZZZZ

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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by Miker_uk »

Being made to wear a shiny black rubber mackintosh, belted and done up the neck regardless of the weather.


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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by furryhood »

Not so much a fantasy, now a reality...…..!
I am indeed extremely fortunate to have a fab girlfriend who, once, (sometimes more) weekly, will text me at 5.30pm (no pub tonight then!) with strict instructions as to what to put on and wear for the rest of the evening/night. If I have been very good/bad, this will involve one or more of my one piece shiny hooded ddpvc jumpsuits, at least one hooded ddpvc anorak or mac, all nicely kept on with locking collars and cuffs. I have a vast collection of these items and similar, having been an avid vinyl/pvc addict for as long as I can remember. When she is working away, before leaving she will hide the padlock keys somewhere safe. It could be anywhere! I then have to send her a selfie to prove I am suitably garbed. I will then continue doing whatever I am doing, or have been instructed to do until the text arrives with the keys hiding place. This could be hours, or occasionally the following morning. The worst scenario, was when at 11pm I had to drive to her flat 2miles away, only to find a note where the keys should have been with just a big 'X'..... what a beautiful mistress she is! I was finally text the following morning. I love predicament bondage! I am allowed to sort of cover up, if sent outside the house, ie tracksuit bottoms, but the top half must be one of my very shiny fur trimmed hooded puffa jackets with hood up! Another of my big turn ons! I love shiny puffas, so fashionable these days too! So that's it! I never know which day, just 5.30pm. I always wait with baited breath, Its been nearly a week now, perhaps tonight?...……………...

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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by furryhood »

…….....just to add..... ddpvc is double decker pvc. I have my suits and coats made over in the USA by a lovely lady. She doubles up the most shiny softest spandex backed pvc so the garments have shiny pvc on both sides, best of both worlds. It feels so lovely on. Its not surprising, to me anyway, that Im addicted! Even my girlfriend likes it, and I am gently encouraging her into my way of thinking! Even her clothes rail is slowly filling with shininess! Hoooray for shiny vinyl/pvc puffas!

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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by BobbyValore »

@furryhood: you knew about her acceptance and interests covering this before dating/meeting or you just won the lottery?

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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by Johnnyrbr »

Definitely think furryhood has one the lottery. What a lucky guy you are.
As far as Mikes fantasy, I would also love to be fastened into that gorgeous mackintosh or the one sold by Sealware called Bizarre. My longing is to be put into a lovely black rubber diving suit, waders, rubber gloves and gasmask before being tied up and worked over.

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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by Rives »

Miker_uk wrote:
June 28th, 2019, 6:54 am
Being made to wear a shiny black rubber mackintosh, belted and done up the neck regardless of the weather.

That would work for me as well. And who would be the person to make you wear it?

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Re: Ultimate Fantasy

Post by PVC4 »

My ultimate fantasies are all documented in the Stories section...;)

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